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Updates on Awesome Date Dude... It's a maybe? (Trivial)

After consulting with a few "real life" friends and all of you lovely people on GT, I sent one last text message and figured I'd give up if nothing came of it. I didn't want to call because I feel like that comes off significantly more serious in my age group...

Here is our conversation, with identifying details removed:

Me: Hey, how's your week going? Feeling any better [ed. note: he was sick on Sunday]


Him: Hey, what's up! It's been alright. Got some bad news that I have to work the next two weekends, but other than that I am feeling better so overall good. How about you?

Me: Ouch! Sounds like no fun... I'm good! I finished classes completely for the semester, so I'm out with some classmates at [local bar]. What do they have you doihng for two whole weekends? Seems pretty rough to do that to new employees, haha.

Him: Haha yeah, since I'm new I gotta take the shifts no one else wants. I just gotta [do his job but not leaving in an actual description].

Me: Well, if you want to hang out sometime, hit me up :) [Ed. note: This was the recommendation of 2/3 friends, instead of trying to continue the conversation — in my friend's words, "Punt it. He can follow up if he wants, but nothing more from you after this."]


Him: Haha for sure. If I get out of the office at some regular time I'll let you know to hang out haha. [Ed. note: He's new at his company and they are notorious for working employees to the bone, especially new ones, so... Maybe?]

So, feels like a solid "maybe" but no promises. The work thing is weird but not unheard of for this company. I'm kinda skittish and skeptical because I've gotten the slow fade before [read: very very recently], and because I'm super type-A and need to get things on a calendar. Hopefully we have another date, and hopefully I'll have positive updates.


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