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As I said in this post:

The organizer got back to me an apologize and then came up to me at the event to apologize again and explained how that shouldn’t happen and he would take it up in the debrief and talk to the one person (the other was from a different organization). That was good.


It’s been weird. I’ve been seeing the children guy hovering but not talking to me. So he probably remembers that I yelled at him. So I guess I win?

In bad news, this event is depressing as hell.

I went a totally different direction than everyone else, and only one judge has come and talked to me. I’m probably reading into it too much. But judging by facial expression I think they don’t know what to do with me.

Also because I am by myself, people don’t think I am a team, despite my set up. Sooooooo next time I’ll make a larger banner.

I made a videogame simulating the process of going to a doctor’s appointment, everyone else made apps. Sadly, not the kind you eat. Some are great, some do not have the technology to do what they plan, or the government backing, some are problematic and out of touch. e.g Most people can’t afford an apple watch or a smart phone. I’m not entirely sure if a person with dementia will remember what their smart phone is telling them. Social media tracking is a bandaid solution to depression. I don’t want to find other depressed people when I am depressed, I want a playlist of my happy thoughts and self care routine.



Dunno, maybe talk to the people who would use them.

I made my videogame for me as a way to recontextualize my trauma and to teach others about going to the hospital. I’m sure someone will like it. But if they don’t, meh.

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