It has been twelve full weeks of Homey on crutches. Somehow, we're both still alive.

Here are the updates:

—he just finished week 3 of PT and the physical therapist seems happily surprised by his progress

—he can go down to one crutch at a time for a short bit throughout the day, meaning he can bring his own food into the living room, vacuum, etc. He's still not up to lots of housework but any little bit, you know?

—the physical therapist originally said first week of May before Homey's off the crutches; now it's looking like the first week of April (!!!!). Fingers crossed.


—today was a big one: we practiced driving and he did great! He can get to his appointments and work on his own now! :D

—physical therapist says our trip to NY is probably a go (KrabbyPaddy!! We will probably get to see you!) but we have to wait till Apr. 7, when he sees his surgeon, before we know for sure. But it's looking good!


Thank you all so much for your support while we go through this! It's been so wonderful to know I have a place to vent and whine and get positive reinforcement for not murdering him. ;) Y'all are the best!