Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Okay, the latest thing to break in my hotel room is my toilet. WHAT THE FUCK.

I still can’t get a map; the suggestions provided in my last post were really hopeful and helpful but they don’t seem to be working! Maybe because of the internet blocking? I’m not sure. I just spent an hour trying to download stuff like better English maps and a translation app. But, Lonely Planet doesn’t load (it starts to slowly but it takes about 10 minutes per page so I’m not really hopeful...), and every offline dictionary app for Andoird redirects to Google links and so I run into the firewall.


Also, my unknown allergies have flared up again, so I’ve got a repeat episode of rash all around my eyes.

In the last few minutes I just texted my host who was like, “oh meet me in an hour here by taking the bus [which I don’t have a transport card for] to this place [which you cannot read the sign for] and I’ll help you buy tights.”

It is not about fucking tights! I want to be able to competently look after myself! Dammit!

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