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How’s your Monday?

Mine’s been all over the place:

1. I handed back papers which were mostly really strong but 2 - 3 just straight up pissed me off, based on the obvious & complete lack of effort


2. I had one student ask for an extension because “I have homework due in other classes” (ya don’t say?!)

3. I had another student break down in tears in my office because of very serious family drama but I did get her to calm down a bit and got her to walk to the counseling center with me, so minor success there

4. I busted my ass grading another batch of papers, which were much better

5. I had a student stay after lit. class today and we had a really great conversation about lit. and his learning to love reading and how my class is affecting how he reads everything and yaaaaay!


6. Then I went to a class where I had to manage two adults as if they were 12-year-olds and I’m pretty sure one of them made a fat joke about me to the other. Like, yep, I’m fat. Congrats on having eyes, a working mouth, and very little brain. I am fat—it is no secret and I have literally 000000.0000000000000000 problems with it. I still have amazing sex, fill out a pair of yoga pants like no one’s bidness and kick fucking ass when I run, swim, hike, climb mountains, practice yoga or, you know, exist. So, you know...

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