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Upset and disappointed with BF

As I wrote earlier GF is slowing down. Well BF and GF eat right next to each other. GF won’t start eating until BF gets his bowl. BF eats real fast. GF not as fast about 1/3rd slower. This has always been the case.

Two days ago my mother fed them dinner. They eat twice a day plus snacks. She turned her back for a few seconds and BF was in GF’s bowl. She told him stop and she fed GF more. Yesterday it happened at breakfast my mother saw him finish then stick his head in GFs bowl. GF stepped back when BF moved to her bowl.


Last night we were about to take them out. My mother insists on coming with me when I take them out after 9:30. She got the leashes BF came runnng. GF was behind her when suddenly BF turned around ran to GF snarled then ran back to my mother. My mother instantly told him “never snarl at her again”. GF looked confused. I was not happy at all.

We are now going to stand and watch them eat. He is so in the wrong.

The saddest part that filled me to tears was 30 minutes after breakfast and peeing/pooping BF laid down and GF walked over to him and started cleaning his face.


This is after him trying to steal her food. GF has always been the dominant one yet always waited for him to get his food, never tried stealing his food and washes his face two to three times a day. Ok she did love tackling him by grabbing his back leg.

She is 12 he is 10. Maybe this is where thinking of them in human terms falls apart.

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