My Macbook Pro won't boot. It turns on, chimes, the apple screen comes up, and then it'll load slowwwwly to 50%, freeze and eventually shut down. I have reset the PRAM, the NVRAM, the SMC. Opened in Disk Utility, tried to repair the disk, said it couldn't be repaired, and told me to back up any files I could, reformat the disk, and restore. When I ran it in single user mode, it told me that there were an incorrect number of threads whatever that means. But okay, just reformat and restore. Easy enough yes?

WRONG. I do not have a backup of my hard drive. I was under the impression that my music and at the very least, photos, were in iCloud, but evidently not. Thankfully, I won't be losing any of my thesis work, because I at least had that in Dropbox and I've emailed all of it to my advisor at one point or another. But I have SO MUCH music on my computer, as well as photos that are very precious to me and tv shows and movies that would be a pain in the ass to redownload (those are the least of my worries though).

I'm taking it to the Apple Store tomorrow evening, but I wanted to ask my questions here first so I at least know what I'm talking about when I'm dealing with them and they're trying to get me to spend money.

So right now, my priority is creating a backup of my hard drive right? MrToad is lending me his external hard drive (he's the bomb), so I theoretically could use Target Disk mode to get all of my files off (it looks like from the internet, I have no idea if that's true). MrToad is concerned that my files may be corrupted and I won't be able to restore from the external drive. My dad is willing to shell out for Disk Warrior, which I am eternally grateful for. So to my thinking I could just create the backup, try to restore, and if something is wrong with the files, use Disk Warrior to fix the files and then restore. Is that wrong? What is the Apple Store going to tell me that I don't already know??


If anyone has any advice on how to know whether I'll be able to restore even if I manage to make a backup, how to make a backup, anything else to try or even what the fuck to say to the Apple Geniuses?

Feel free to share this to any other subblogs that might be able to help me or with anyone you know who knows anything about computers!! I'll bump this in the morning for the non-nocturnal people but I wanted to get it out there asap.