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I like The 100. Sometimes, I fucking love it. Sometimes, I am disappointed by its choices. (spoilers)


Like when they include Young Pop Star Singing His Version of Pop Song, because it’s what The Network requires. I cringed. I feel like The Network also requested more love interests for more love triangles, since that’s its bread-and-butter. So The 100 provided a girlfriend for one of the main characters. She showed up out of nowhere—we’ve never seen her face. We know nothing about her, other than she’s sleeping with Lead Guy. She’s nice enough. Sorta friendly. Oh, wait—now she’s dead. NBD. We know this will have major repercussions for Lead Guy, but will we really care? We didn’t know her, and she was always clearly disposable. Every time she was on screen, I heard that voice from Hamilton, saying, “Yo, who the eff IS this?!?” We were supposed to like her, right? She was sorta innocent. She was young, but not among the criminals we met in season 1. Or season 2. So she was a good girl. That is LITERALLY all we know about her. Wait. She got a name, halfway through her last episode. Gina. Her name was Gina. Her death is surely going to send Bellamy into a kill-em-all vengance spiral, but it seems cheapened since we have to trust him that she’s worth it. There was never an establishing moment where we see that they have chemistry, or she’s good for him or helping him deal with that whole genocide-thing. Their whole relationship is hearsay, and it’s super irritating, for a show that has had a magical way of making us care about every woman they introduce us to, to suddenly have this cardboard cutout of a Girlfriend that we’re supposed to be sad died. She even got the Mrs. Robb Stark death! Excessive, unnecessarily violent. UGGGGGGGhhhhhhhh this will bug me for a while, I can tell.

On the bright side, Clarke finally looks like a princess. No one will call her on it now, of course, but she’s all glammed up. Out? whatever the expression is.

Sorry for the rambling. I love when The 100 changes its gameplay, suddenly taking turns we didn’t see. This? Predictable and lazy and irritating as all get-out. Here’s hoping they haven’t run out of steam. I’ll just be over here, staring at Lincoln gifs, since surely his days are numbered. I give him a week.


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