Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Warning: I'm going to whine about extremely privileged crap in this post.

I have a cleaning service because I live with people who hate to clean, and I swore that it was something I would do for myself, should I ever have the money. The same woman comes every week, and things have been going really smoothly.

Until this morning, that is. The last time she was here, I was getting ready for a trip. The same day, I got a print I had been waiting for. I opened the tube to make sure it was okay, repackaged it, then set it down on the dining room table.


Now back from the trip, I just realized that the tube wasn't where I left it. Oh, fuck. I check the trash and... yup. She'd tossed it. It rained several times while we were gone, so the print is trashed.

Now, I have to ask her to replace it. Part of me doesn't even want to mention it because I know she'll probably get in trouble, and chances are, it'll be taken out of her paycheck. However, it was still something of mine that was ruined that I'll now have to replace. This isn't the first time that she's been a bit careless because she was rushing, but those things were cheap (or I was able to grab them before they were put out with the trash). It's just the first time that I'm out a chunk of change.

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