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So, I use the Target Brightspot for my cell phone. Because I’m cheap and it’s easy. Welp, they are being discontinued and it’s time to do the ol’ switcheroo to T-Mobile.

Here is an excerpt from the instructions for changing it over:


1. UNLOCK YOUR BRIGHTSPOT PHONE Call brightspot customer service at 1-888-984-7127. You will need your 4-digit PIN.


2. INSERT T-MOBILE SIM CARD You’ll be able to punch out the correctly sized SIM to fit your phone.

3. RESTART YOUR PHONE You’ll receive a text with a temporary phone number. Please hold onto this - you’ll need it to transfer your current brightspot number to T-Mobile. Note: Your temporary PIN is 1234.


What do you do when you call customer service? What prompt do you pick? I called and after 30 seconds of dead air, the menu started. No prompt made sense. I hit 0 a bajillion times and got this nice man who said it my phone was good to go, to just change the SIM and restart. I’ll get a temp phone # will be texted to you in under a minute.


HAHHAHAHHAHAH 10 mins later no temp #. Fuck It. Changed the SIM back. This will be a tomorrow problem at the T-Mobile store.

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