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Useless Vice Principal is Useless

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So I have this student who is completely out of control. He is constantly disrupting the class, hitting other kids, throwing things, running off, and so on. And the office has been extremely unhelpful. The Vice Principal who is in charge of discipline in the Primary division of the school is useless. You're lucky if she actually even talks to the students after they are sent down. She almost never applies any consequences to their actions. She seems to think that if she can make the kid say sorry, it's good.


Anyways, my kid who is out of control was seen climbing trees at lunch. Other students reported it, and he confessed to it. So I sent him down to the office. Almost immediately the VP reappeared with him, and put him back in class. No consequences.

Anyways, class goes on, and awful kid is awful. Constantly making noise, and finding other ways to disrupt the class. He tops off the experience by getting mad, and whipping a pencil right into a girl's face. It strikes her just below the eye, hard enough to leave a small cut.

I send him down to the office. Shortly after that, it is recess time, and I have yard duty. Part way through yard duty, the kid who threw the pencil comes out, all smiles, and asks me if I know where his friend is.

So not only does this kid not get any consequences for climbing trees at lunch, he was maybe down in the office for 15 minutes before being sent out to play, after throwing a pencil directly into a girl's face? If it had been maybe 5 cm higher, it would have hit her square in the eye.


WHAT THE BLOODY HELL? He could have blinded her, and the only result is that he has to talk to the VP about it? Seriously?

After recess my class had Gym, and as we were getting the kids lined up to go inside, I fill in the Gym teacher as to what has happened. He's as furious as I am that there are no consequences, so he makes the kid sit go sit in the office instead of having Gym.


I am going to call the girl's parents tonight. They are involved parents, and I think the Principal will probably be getting a visit tomorrow.

This VP is so useless. Last week I met with her and the Principal (Principal has only recently returned from medical leave) to talk about this student. VP contributed NOTHING to the conversation, despite the fact that on the day in question she had had to deal with him twice.

The first time, he had started hitting the other kids with a pointer, and when I evacuated the class from the room, he grabbed another student's basketball and started bouncing it around the room, so loud it was disturbing the other classes. After that little escapade, he was out of the room maybe 10 minutes before she brought him back.


Then after last recess when they were with the Drama teacher, he bit another student. Once again, he was removed from class by the VP for maybe 2 minutes, who returned him, made him say sorry to the girl he bit and gushed to Drama teacher about how significant it was that he apologized (not really. This kid will maliciously do things, and then immediately follow it up with a sorry, and then get mad when there are still consequences after he said sorry.). As soon as the VP left, the kid went on a rampage, throwing the Drama teacher's stuff, banging on the piano, and pushing other students from behind who were in the middle of a drama activity.

How do these people get promoted to VP? And please oh, Lord, let her be transferred to a new school for Sept.

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