It’s March. That means, if it’s not quite SPRING, then at least it’s not WINTER any more. Despite what the almost 2 feet of snow on the ground is telling me. I love spring because I can get back into the garden! I can get muddy! I can frolick outside barefoot!!

And, with the change of seasons, it’s time to change out tea mugs. I have 3-4 mugs for each season (with a couple of all-season standbys). So the Snowflake and the snowy acorn mugs are going up in the cupboard, to come out next January. But I’m really not ready, yet, for the butterflies-and-flowers of my Spring Mugs. Not until I can at least SEE the ground!

So, what do I do?

I pulled out my grandmother’s Belleek tea mugs. They are not old - less than 20 years - but they are thin enough to be translucent. She loved them because she could hold her tea/coffee without the added weight of a heavy mug hurting her hands. My grandfather gave them to me after she passed away (nearly 10 years ago), and I have never used them because they are “too nice”. They are perfectly clean - no rings of tea lining the inside like layers of dirt at an archaeological dig. No patina of use...

There is no reason on earth not to use them. If I break them, then I break a mug. I have others. It’s part of the reason that I have so many. I tend to leave them all over the house, and I have cats who enjoy testing gravity on a regular basis. So mugs break. Less often now that my children are well past the “testing gravity” age, but still...

But I know that they were pricey when purchased. To replace them now would run me about $45-60 for each mug. But I would never replace them. That’s a ridiculous amount of money (I like my mugs found at rummage sales for around 50 cents each...).


So I got them out today, got all excited to use them... and then put them back into the cupboard.

Why can’t I bring myself to USE something that I have that I would enjoy? Why do I decide “it’s too nice”? Why do I ask “what if I break it?”. Why am I agonizing over MUGS? Is there any more ridiculous topic for obsessing over?