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Using sexist jokes as a teaching moment

So today I go into the break room and one of my coworkers shares that terrible joke that's been going around Facebook lately: "25% of women are being treated for mental illness...what about the other 75%?" I roll my eyes. I say even the women with mental illness are in many cases suffering from it due to abuse, repressed anger, and other consequences of misogyny. He responds, sarcastically, "Yup, it's all the men's fault!" "No," I say, "It's the fault of an internalized, culture-wide ideology of misogyny." And then I walk away.

10 minutes later the coworker approaches me. He apologizes for if he hurt my feelings. I tell him he didn't hurt my feelings, I like him and he's a nice guy, but it's something I'm passionate about. We have a 15-minute conversation about ways women deal with systematic injustices. He seems to be receptive to my ideas. "Huh," he says, "I never thought of that."

I feel successful.

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