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Abuser using suicide threats to control others


Hey guys. So, remember how I wrote my post last weekend about separating myself from my family? Well, one of my female cousins (I'll call her Sam) has decided to do the same thing. She and I are very much on the same page, but Sam is in a slightly more precarious situation because she also has a 5 year old daughter she is trying to take care of and protect from our family's violent dysfunction.


Basically, Sam is on a crusade to get and keep herself as healthy as possible right now, and she has been doing some work on boundary setting. She set the mother of all boundaries with my aunt and uncle and said that she and her daughter will have nothing to do with them until 1. my uncle seeks treatment for his alcoholism and 2. my aunt gets some kind of professional help for her mental health. I don't want to armchair diagnose, but I feel like there is a very real possibility that my aunt has some sort of a personality disorder or mental illness. She is horrifically abusive (physical, verbal, emotional) and has been using Sam's daughter (her grandchild) to manipulate her.

Anyway. My uncle, Sam's dad, knows that something has to be done because the entire family is about to fucking implode under the weight of their issues. My aunt, however, has decided to get the attention back on her the only way she knows how: by threatening suicide. She has done this in the past, attempted one time that I am aware of, and only ended up in the psych ward for a few days with an rx for Prozac after the fact. She then told everyone that she was only doing it to get people to pay attention to her, and that she didn't really want to die.

I'm not about to jump in the deep end with these people and try to help or fix this situation in any way possible, but I was just curious if anyone has any resources that could help us, or any advice if you've been in a similar situation.

Sorry if this seems a little disjointed, my brain and nerves are a little fried right now.

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