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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hope Solo has been suspended for six months from the US Women’s National Team! This suspension comes after a ton of misconduct and her being quite nasty to the Swedish team, calling them “a bunch of cowards.” Her contract has also been terminated. Better late than never, eh, USWNT leaders?


During the shootout against Sweden that knocked the US out of the quarterfinals in Rio, she deliberately stood by and pretended to adjust her gloves to prolong the wait for the last penalty kick. She’s also semi-famous for a few domestic violence incidents. I’m glad that she’s not representing the US right now, and hopefully she won’t be doing so in the future!

Given her age, the NY Times has already speculated that this kills her international career. And although she was part of the effort for pay equity, her presence and prominence have reflected poorly on the USWNT for some time now. I’m so glad she’s gone!

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