I was on hormonal birth control for seven (7) years and went off it two (2)days before my elbow surgery on December ninth (9th). I got my period on about the 10th (tenth), early by about a week (I know that's normal), and it lasted about three (3) days (normal for me). And I haven't had it since. That's eight (8) weeks. I've taken 3 (three) pregnancy tests and they have all been negative(-). I have read the Terror Pot that is the internet and it tells me that I am either never going to ovulate/have my period again, or that I'm pregnant and some people have ten (10) negative tests and then are positive (+) at the doctor's. I'm not losing sleep over it, and it's great to not have my period OR any hormonal mood swings, but I am still a little concerned.

So in the eternal words of Mark Summers: