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Utties (TMI time)

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So, I think I have another (but mild) UTI - or, as the Mr. calls them, an uttie.


There's a little bit of pain, my urine has a bit of a funky smell, it's a little cloudy and the UTI test stick is positive for leukocytes, but negative for nitrates. I always freak out when I get the slightest UTI symptom because I got a serious kidney infection once that presented with barely noticeable symptoms prior to that.

Anyway, I'm curious, what do my other Jezzie ladies who have frequent/semi-frequent utties do to treat them? I try to avoid antibiotics because I react poorly to them - yeast infections and other itchy/burny vagina issues, but I do drink lots of water and pure cranberry juice (yuck!) and this time around I'm taking Cystex. Hopefully, this will help and I won't have to go to the doctor.

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