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My fuckin fiance, man. We were just on the couch, cuddling and talking wedding stuff, when he says, "So who is holding the chuppah?" I say, "whichever 2 groomsmen you choose and whichever 2 bridesmaids I choose." He says, "can we have someone else do it?" I responded, "babe, we have been over this a million times. We can't have additional people because you have 7 groomsmen and we don't have enough space." Apparently I had a tone and he started yelling at me because he apparently wants his dad to hold it and never mentioned it before. I said, "we have talked about this a million times, why did you never say anything before? You should have talked to me about this before I met with florists because like I told you when we were meeting with florists, if we need more boutonnières or a different style chuppah, it will increase the cost." And he started saying none of that was relevant, that I was rude and went off on tangents... so I said I understand why he wants his dad to do it and we can talk about it, I was confused because it has never come up in the many conversations we've had about it before.

I hate weddings. I hate planning this. My family is like, what do I wear? He and his get angry that their needs aren't being met even if they haven't expressed their needs.


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