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I am (maybe irrationally?) annoyed. Earlier tonight I told LordSparrow we had about an hour until dinner. He said perfect, that would give him enough time to call his mom with computer help and a solid excuse to get off the phone with her, just give him a five minute heads up. Awesome. 55 minutes later I gave him a ten minute warning, he said great. 15 minutes later I sent Little in too tell him we were ready to plate and ask if he was cool with her movie choice; he said he'd be right out and the movie sounded fine. Ten minutes after that he came out, still on the phone, told us to start the movie, dished up his food, left it on the table, and went back to the bedroom. 20 minutes later I poked my head in to see what was up and he said just another minute. 40 minutes after THAT he finally came out, off the phone, shoveled down his dinner in ten minutes, and went back to the office where he stayed for the next two hours. Here I thought we were all going to eat lasagna and watch a movie together. Silly me. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive, but I'm irritated. If you want to talk to your mom just say so, don't tell me you want me to come save you then blow me off (and maybe don't plan it for right before dinner, since you know she talks forever). If you want to play with your new computer, just tell me. I'm not a nagging harpy! I'm happy for him to have time alone with his electronics as long as he says that's what he wants to do and I'm not waiting for him to come join us.

Just. Ugh.


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