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Uuugghhhh. Social interactions.

My friends are trying to setup a get together tomorrow. It sounds complicated and difficult. And they've organized it during a time I'm working, so I would have to join in like 3 hours after they've begun.

And because it's a Saturday might, they're all likely to want to get drunk, leaving me with the responsibility of babysitting them and no thank you. I just did that on Halloween, I don't want to do that again so soon. It's exhausting and I need all the money and energy I can muster because Mr. Agador Spartacus and I are moving to a new apartment and we will have shittons of things to buy. I don't want to be constantly chasing my drunk friends around the city when I have shit to pack and organize.


That, and Jesus can't I just have a time where I don't feel like I have to take responsibility for other people's well being? I want someone to look after me or at the very least have a night where I don't have to worry.

I want a quiet movie night where no one gets shitfaced, we just watch a comforting movie and I don't have to chase people down.

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