So the one thing I've allowed since splitting with my ex, insofar as child rearing goes, is letting my kid sleep with me. Nowadays he wants me to stay with him until he falls asleep, for the cuddles, you see.

Last night I was so exhausted, because I am so so so terribly sleep deprived at this point, that I decided, "fuck it, I'm just going to sleep with him." So I went to sleep at 8:15. OMG IT WAS THE BEST. I put some super fuzzy socks on and it was so cozy and I passed out within 10 minutes.

But tonight, like most nights, I have to work. I have a creative tomorrow I need to prep for and I know damn well that if I put it until morning I will slap at my phone like a zombie and then be rushing to prepare just like before a college exam.

I nodded off with my son tonight and just drug my ass out from his room after he fell asleep and I have that nasty, sick feeling like after you take a nap? Well, after I take a nap because my body hates naps. And now instead of working I am bitching at you. You're welcome!