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Uuuuuuugh, whyyyyyyyyy Christmas, whyyyyyy?

Allow me to whine for a bit, because I don't want to annoy my boyfriend any more. We're hosting a Christmas party at our apartment tonight, so we're busy all day cleaning, cooking and shopping, not to mention going to work, so of course today would be the day when I get hit with a double-whammy of a UTI and losing my bank card for the second time in three months. I've got someone to take me to the pharmacy, but I still need to line up a Chinese friend to help me get a new bank card tomorrow. I feel like such a dummy. I just know I left it in the ATM last time I got money out and I didn't notice until today. Merry fucking Christmas.

On the bright side, I successfully made eggnog. Now I know you all said to make it raw, but I can't even ask how fresh the eggs are or if they're pasteurized with my limited Mandarin, and getting organic, cage-free eggs... Yeah, not gonna happen. This area is neither rural enough to buy eggs directly from a farmer, nor is it developed enough for me to find anything other than factory eggs. This is the recipe I used if anyone is curious. It ended up a bit lumpy, but my boyfriend just threw it in the blender and it's nice and smooth now. It's delicious and I will not be sparing with the rum tonight.


So, happy holidays, GT! I'm reading all your posts about Christmas stress and I'm raising a glass of heavily-spiked eggnog in solidarity! Stay strong.

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