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My mom wants to get away for a bit with me, thinking Mexico, and I am curious if anyone has any kind of experience with package-deal-type vacation companies and sites like Groupon.

My parents aren’t as experienced travelers (not that I am all that experienced myself) and are planning a trip to Europe next year. Part of the reasoning behind this shorter trip is to try out one of these “deals.” I’m skeptical. That said, I am also open and I know there can sometimes be diamonds in the rough.


I have a friend who works for Marriott so I can use her discount, which seems like a better idea. That said, I am somewhat into the idea of all-inclusive. Never ever would have considered it but my son’s dad and I went to Secrets (dumbest name ever) a few years ago and it was soooooo nice to not worry about anything.

She just sent me a link to this. Now, I haven’t looked into actual costs or hotel reviews etc etc. I know this shit adds up. Just curious if anyone has any positive or negative experiences or advice or...you know. Opinions :-)

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