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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Vacation Ideas

So, I am planning a vacation for this summer. Finances are tight so it will be driving diatance from DC metro (no flying) and about a week long. Although, I enjoy a road trip and will drive 10-12 hours for something cool.

I am excited to get away, and someone I’ve been casually dating for about 9 months will probably join me. I am excited to get away with a partner who will actually have fun and appreciate me on vacation.


I can’t spend a week at the beach. Too much sun for my fair complexion. I am cooked after a long weekend. In the past, I’ve really enjoyed laid back vacations in smaller towns - usually renting a house rather than a hotel. I am looking for suggestions for anything relaxing and interesting in mid-atlantic”ish” area. I want to read a book, cook nice dinners, and enjoy a few interesting “tourist” things like a museum or local point of interest.

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