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So Mr. 'Name and I are planning our first "couples' vacation" without our kids for late August. Mr. Name works very hard at his job and has to travel all over North America and Western Europe, largely to cities. He piped up a little while ago and said he'd really like to go someplace slower paced where he can do outdoorsy stuff like sea kayaking, horseback riding, etc. I'd like that too, but I don't want to be in the absolute middle of nowhere. We live in Ottawa, Canada and we'd be willing to drive a few hours. So my first thought was Burlington, VT. It's still very much on the table, but holy high fuck places are booking up fast. So I'm starting to consider alternatives. I was describing one such alternative to my husband - upstate New York, maybe Finger Lakes region? Here was our conversation at that point:

Me: "They've got good food, and there are wineries."

Him: "I've been to lots of places where wine is really good and cheap (a fair point; I've been to some of them with him). I'd tour a vineyard in France or Italy or whatever, maybe California. I don't really care about going to 'wine places' nearby and paying marked up prices for everything because they make some crappy wine."


Me: "Ouch. Okay. We had a good time when we went to Niagara-on-the-lake."

Him: "They charge an arm and a leg for everything and the wine's not that good."

Silence as we keep watching TV for a few minutes. At this point I should say I'm something of a music snob at times.

Me (playfully): "I see, now you're a wine snob so we can't go to wineries near home anymore. I bet they'd still be fun."

Him: "Maybe there's a Nickelback theme park we can go visit."


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