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Air BnB/Vacation Rant

Ugg, I was hoping that everything would just smoothe over but my accommodation on thus trip has been such a mess.

A month before we left the host told us to text our contact in New Orleans to set up the key handoff. I did. Got no reply. Then three days beforehand I texted again and got a terse "ok see you there" with no real details.


Got back to the woman who owns the place (and lives elsewhere, which is why she has the contacts), and she informed me that the contact was a drug addict who had just relapsed and the owner forgot to tell us because she (the owner) had been in a car crash three weeks earlier and was on a lot of pain meds. This information is provided to us the night before our trip.

She gives us the new contact's number to text, which is pissing me off because this is international texting. But we text anyway.

No reply. We check next morning. No reply. We check 5 hours later at our stopover in Denver. No reply. We check when we land in N.O.

No fucking reply. Meanwhile we're sending several frantic texts and e-mails to the owner and the contact.


We make a decision to just go to the place and hope that the person is just waiting for us at the apartment to give us the keys.

We get there and the person waiting outside the building is the first contact who is very clearly high and apologizes for not being able to find the keys. Still no word from the owner or second contact.


She tells us to leave our bags in the bar underneath the apartment and follow her into the alley. We follow her with our bags. Suddenly she disappears and the doors all around us are locked. We're trying not to freak out. I find a way to open the door, go to the bar, borrow a cell phone and call the second contact.

She sounds bored and says she's sorry, but we'll have to walk several blocks to come get the keys because she got called into work. We do, she's kind of sorry and tells us how the light switches work and how to get in. We head back hoping we won't see the first contact. We don't, but she keeps texting us and the owner tells us not to reply.


For this we're offered a $100 refund and a half-hearted apology. Now the internet WiFi doesn't work and two days later the owner realizes she gave us the wrong password. So we have it now but it's gone down about 4 times since we've been here and we had to cancel a tour because we couldn't confirm with the guide over e-mail beforehand because we had no internet.

Fine, whatever. We'll live.

Yesterday the Cardinal is sitting on the bed to put on his shoes and the bedframe cracks and is now unuseable. We e-mail the owner immediately with photos and descriptions. She's now hinting that she'll have to charge us a damage fee. She does nor ask where or how we slept last night, however.


We pulled the mattresses off and put them on the tiny area next to the bed which basically means we have no space.

Oh, and we've asked three times how to give back the keys because we leave really early on Monday and still have no reply.


Meanwhile she keeps saying she's sorry but dealing with injuries from the crash.

Which would be fine if she could give us a reliable contact. I'm so frustrated.

Does anyone have experience launching a complaint with air bnb?

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