Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Vacation, trips, travel?

Anybody have any trips coming up? Virgin America is having a big sale, so I bought tickets for my annual fall trip to LA to visit my family ($314 round trip from New York!).

I just revisited my GT post from last year where I got a bunch of great left coast recommendations. I’ll try to fill in what I missed last time. This year we are probably going to go up to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park for our family side trip (last year was Joshua Tree), so if anyone has any tips about that! Or more LA tips!


I’m also going to Florida soon for my boyfriend’s family reunion. That’s mostly just sitting on the beach and hoping that they won’t say any horribly racist things. Must stock up on books before I go so that I can avoid conversations. ETA: We will probably be taking a day trip to Savannah from Florida, so any recommendations (especially food ones) would be great!

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