We're leaving in a couple weeks to visit somewhere where there happens to now be a measles outbreak. You may have heard of measles. It's that disease that should be nearly eradicated because there is a vaccine for it that is safe and part of every standard vaccination schedule anywhere vaccinations are available. However, a mixture of religious weirdos, Crunchy Mamas™, conspiracy theory dickheads, and people who mean well but don't have the means to challenge or question "information" thrown at them by people they know who fit in the first three groups, have refused vaccinations and are largely responsible for the resurgence of this and other diseases.

My baby is almost 9 months old. My GP and the other health care practitioners in at the practice insisted that we vaccinate him early to give him some protection for when we're there. MMR vaccines pre-1 year old don't tend to hold and the immunity fades. This is why we need a booster shot before we enter school and why it's not a bad idea for adults to have an additional booster. This means that in addition to the shot he had to have today, he'll have the standard two more. That kind of sucks.

So I just had to have a needle jabbed into my kid because a bunch of assholes refuse to provide adequate medical care for their children in places where it is freely and widely available. Thanks, assholes*.

*assholes of the antivax world, not GT