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Vagina Feelings: The Musical!!!

So Kinky Rocker-dude and I were gettin' it the other day, and all of a sudden my eyes got really big and I stopped and looked at him in shock- it must have looked like someone short-circuited my brain, but it wasn't an orgasm (at least not a clitoral one). He asked me if something was wrong "you look like you don't know where you are," and I replied (this is actually what I said, as I am a dork): "I'm fine...it's just...vagina feelings. Entirely. new. vagina feelings!" I caught my breath and we started up again, but for the rest of the morning my brain was playing an internal soundtrack, in between shorting-out, that is.


So much about the man, about this experience, is different than my previous partner(s). I've been having a lot of strange new feelings lately...

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