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Workplace edition.

So, let’s say, hypothetically - and I mean, THEORETICALLY - your boss hires someone to work with you, kind of in your same position but with jurisdiction over a different part of the company. Let’s say, JUST HYPOTHETICALLY, this person gets drunk on the job in front of customers and our staff whom we supervise, then tells the staff specifically not to tell anyone, all the time making sure they know she’s their manager and that she is the boss. MAYBE, she’s only in her 4th day on the job.

So let’s say your staff holds onto this information for a week, finally tells you (god bless em) because they were fearful for their own jobs. Let’s say you, being a dependable person and terrified of the onslaught of bullshit that might befall you should stupid shit like this continue, decide to make your boss aware.


HYPOTHETICALLY, let’s say your boss flies off the handle, is so pissed off she is red in the face, mad that we spent time training this person, mad she took a chance on this person, and mad this person would have the gall to get drunk on the job within a week of starting.

Would you, then, GTers, be a bit surprised that this person did not get fired? Because I certainly would be. Hypothetically.

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