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Vain post: help me find glittery shoes!

Every now and then, I develop obsessions over random things, usually involving glitter, and spend ten hours googling and salivating. Since I know some of you are savvy shoppers, I thought I’d enlist your help. I want glittery shoes. Like, entirely covered in glitter. They need to be flat or low heels (max 2inch - otherwise I’ll just fall on my face). They can be either pumps or boots (booties? ankle-high is what I mean). My absolute dream glitter shoes would have multicolor glitter, but I’m willing to consider solid colours, too (silver, gold, and black - and maybe others). As for price, the cheaper the better. If they’re dreamy, I’m willing to splurge up to about $150, but unfortunately Kate Spade (which ARE my dream glitter shoes, only way too high-heeled) are out of the question.

When I did some googling, I came up with some pretty shoes sold through Aliexpress, Asian stores that look like they only sell in bulk(?), and online stores that don’t look super trustworthy (ShoeCafe24, LightInTheBox). Does anyone have experience with them and how they work?

I linked a bunch of shoes below to help you triangulate what I’m looking for. Basically, I just want magical sparkly shoes!



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