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Validating Words from Gov. Nikki Haley

I am not Haley’s biggest fan (particularly on issues of race), but she is STILL holding Trump’s feet to the fire, even after his election (something it seems his Repubican critics have not been doing). I specifically have sought out Republicans who were anti-Trump to see what they have said on their social media channels, and have found very little to feel good about. As I suspected, much of the #nevertrump was about how they never thought Trump could be elected, not anything more.

But Haley is at least saying some good stuff. It is giving me hope that Republicans in Congress can help somewhat. They cannot all be goddamn Tea Party dirtbags. Emphasis mine:

But she called for Republicans to conduct a detailed autopsy of the party’s win — as it would in defeat — and said it must remind people that it is the party who will offer opportunities “to all citizens, regardless of their race, gender or where they are born and raised.”

“If we as Republicans are going to lead effectively and have staying power as a governing power, we must accept that Donald Trump’s election was not an affirmation of the way Republicans have conducted themselves,” she said. Voters, she said, rejected the political class, “and we have no one to blame but ourselves” because the party “moved toward big government rather than away from it . . . Republicans lost their way.”


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