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vampire students

Most of my students are great. But every semester there is one student who sucks all the time and energy and patience I have.

No matter how much hand holding I do, it's never, ever enough.

Just once, I want to say - look, you're a time sucking vampire and the reason you don't understand is because you spend all your time complaining and making excuses and not enough actually doing the work. You don't appreciate any of the extra time I'm spending helping you, and you're going to give me a bad evaluation anyway, so just fuck off.


This one student frequently tells me I'm a bad teacher and that's why she doesn't understand. Yes, that's going to make me want to help you. The endless, endless emails - what about this? and what about that? Because I'm supposed to be available at her beck and call 24/7.

She flatly said to me that she should get all the help they need as much as she needs. I about had a rage stroke and have not been able to come up with a diplomatic answer.


The sad truth is - if she was the smallest bit appreciative or nice, I wouldn't be writing this note.

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