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Welcome To The Bitchery
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hello Vancouvery people! It's real, it's happening, and it will be spicy. 19 April 2014 is DAY OF GROUPTHINK. Wombat is bringing her mother, my infant might make an appearance, and someone will probably get drunk. Probably Pope Alexxxander. You know what she's like.


Anyway, shall we tenatively set a time? We haven't sorted a location out yet. I have a moral aversion to Gastown but I can be persuaded if need be. Most important thing is to sort out an approximate time. I was thinking like 2pm? What do you think?

Since we're a bunch of rule breakers, let's not worry tooo much about strict timing, just have a general window and we can start before and stay late as needed.


So can I get a sign up here of who's in? And can someone please re-share this later tonight (like at 8pm PST please) to hit the evening crowd after I'm sleeping?

Sign in:
Moi, Jennifer Q. Apples
Progenitrix of Wombat
Prufrock (work schedule permitting)

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