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The below video is actually a couple of years old, but it’s probably the best example of why Kerry Starchuk’s mission to force shop owners to use English signage in Richmond is just a smoke screen for her horrific racism.

And, like an itchy crotch rash, Kerry Starchuk just keeps cropping up no matter how much you want her to go the fuck away.

The long and the short of it is that Starchuk has been launching a campaign for about 4 years now to force private businesses to provide English signage on all of their storefronts in Richmond, BC — an area that has been largely populated by Chinese immigrants in the last 20 years. This has resulted in the area changing significantly, and some old white people are mighty upset:

While there may be valid arguments for providing English signage, the trouble — as soon as you watch this video — is that it’s clear that Starchuk is just a bigot. She has a rose-tinted view of the “way things were” that sounds so Mayberry-esque it can’t possibly be real. But what’s particularly disgusting and shocking about Starchuk’s interview is that it’s obvious that the signage issue isn’t really her concern. Instead, it’s all to do with her discomfort with “a lot of new people” who refuse to speak English in her presence.


Not shop owners, not public servants — she is literally saying that she feels all people who exist around her should speak English at all times.

Ultimately, you really have to marvel at the lack of irony present in the voice and views of a white woman living in Canada and complaining that she feels her way of life, traditions, and culture are being erased by immigrants.

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