Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, the car is now registered in Hawaii. Now that I have to give up my Texas vanity plates, I want to customize some Hawaii ones!

Any ideas? I'd like it to be something I don't have to explain (my current one is HILARIOUS, but not everyone gets it because it uses an acronym commonly only used among car modders/racers). I'm thinking it would be nice if it was car-related, though not necessarily specific to my car. Ideally it would be awesome if people would see it and then STOP FUCKING ASKING ME IF IT'S MY HUSBAND'S CAR. (sorry, happened at the gas station today AGAIN, and I'm still irked)


So, you Jezzies are a creative bunch! Let's hear all the ideas!

Also, it's a Mitsubishi (natch) Evo. It's red. If that helps.

Oh! And I'm limited to 6 letters/numbers and a dash.

Edit: A friend suggested "CATLDY." So far that's my favorite. Also "CRAAAY."

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