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Veg diet help needed!

So, I’m freaking out a little bit. My pregnancy has been fairly rough so far (my mom’s most recent TERRIBLE comment was, “I’m sorry you’re not finding a way to enjoy this experience.”) but I thought I was gonna head into the final trimester relatively smoothly. Now it seems like I might have gestational diabetes. :/ I need to do some additional testing after meals for the next week, so maybe all is fine, but regardless, I need to change my diet anyway.

Currently I’m a vegetarian (operating largely as vegan) who loooooooves carbs. Not so much sweet stuff (though I’ve been enjoying that more over the holiday season) but definitely pasta and breads. I need tips for vegetarian low carb/gestational diabetes-friendly recipes, particularly for breakfast and dinner (lunch is often soup or a salad anyway) that will make me forget I’m not eating carbs. And ways to incorporate more protein that’s not egg/dairy heavy because I’m not a huge fan of either under the best of circumstances and pregnancy has made me kind of squicked out by them.



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