TW: Totally laying out my weeks meals, for advice on nutrition and stuff. So- you know- a lot of food talk. But also- seriously vegetarians, I know you bitches are out there. I'm trying to get a good mix of food. Help a G'Ter out!

So, thus comes the close of my first couple of weeks as a weekday vegetarian. I had a deep craving for meat last week (like BoyHeathen looked like a chicken with little hats on his feet ala Looney Toons for a second there) but I think that most of that was a period craving. This week I haven't wanted meat at all. So, I have never felt super hungry and again- the BH and I went vegetarian, not vegan, so lots and lots of eggs and dairy.

On Monday, we roasted four pounds of vegetables. Red and orange peppers, portabella mushrooms, sweet potatoes, shallots, onion, parsnips, zucchini, and a a jewel box of tomatoes. These veggies went into dinners for the next three days- no joke.

Monday night was roasted veg lasagna, with ricotta and mozzarella and white sauce served with garlic bread and salad.


Tuesday night,(St Pats) I needed something appropriately Irish, so we did a garlic white cheddar mash potato, and then I wrapped up the roasted veg in puff pastry for a fancy pastie, also some salad.

Wednesday night the last of the veg went into veggie quiches that we ate with.... the last of the salad! (And our salads aren't terrible 'murrican things. We get the big tub o' spring mix from the Kroger and use non-cream dressings- I like Newman's own Balsamic; and then add some croutons and roasted nuts and seeds, maybe some salty cheese like Parmesan if we have it)


Thursday night we made grilled eggplant sammies on ciabatta rolls. Big thick slices of eggplant seasoned up with some ras el hanout with monterrey jack cheese, roasted red peppers, arugula, basil and balsamic vinegar reduction. We had it with a Mediterranean quinoa salad we got from the Dekalb Farmers market.

Friday night was catch as catch can- we had leftover quiche and eggplant.

First weekend we ate some meat- steak and potatoes on Saturday and Buffalo wings on Sunday night. Weekends we'll be working through the meat we have in our freezers, and then I think be making the transition to full time vegetarianism.


This week has been a little more varied as we are starting to find our footing with veggie recipes.

Monday was eggplant and paneer vindaloo curry with naan bread. We had it with aloo mutter and dal makhani (we made the curry, and got vegetarian frozen sides from the Indian grocery)


Tuesday we made homemade veggie pizzas on the grill. Onions and shallots and kalamata olives and red pepper rings what was left of the eggplant and one used tomato sauce and one had pesto as a base. (we used a white dough and a wheat dough from Dekalb Farmers Market. That place is amazing you guys- amazing!) we also sliced up a few hot peppers for some flava.

Wednesday night was stuffed red peppers- so tasty with rice and shallots and hot cherry peppers and bits of bell peppers and mushrooms and cheese and vodka sauce. We had it with salads that we grated up some carrots for.


Tonight we are making cuitlacoche quesadillas served with spanish rice and beans.

Tomorrow night the plan it to make "Philly Fake and Cheese" sandwiches, with tons and tons of mushrooms and onions and peppers and I am going to make some sweet potato fries. Plus the last of the salad.


So we've had pretty big, very satisfying meals. Lunches have been leftovers- we've had PLENTY of leftovers of everything. Breakfasts have been hard- I feel like my choices are eggs, or bread and fruit. Or cereal. And I feel like we rely WAY to heavily on certain vegetables (peppers, sweet potatoes and eggplants have featured really heavily). The farmers market we get our veg at has a really impressive selection, it includes a lot of Asian, Caribbean, and African vegetables that I am not entirely sure how to use. I would love to make a boniato mash; I'm not entirely sure what I would serve it with. I am really bad at designing meals around new vegetation. Also, there is the trap of not knowing what to do with an unknown vegetable until I have a recipe and not having a recipe until I figure out what vegetable I want to use. And for any Atlantans- the YDFM is just a mad house at most times, so it's not like you can just stand around googling recipes. I know a lot of this has just been conflated in my head, but starting a whole new way of eating and I am kind of nervous about it. I'm also worried about falling into a rut and not getting enough nutrition...even though we are eating(clearly) a lot more vegetables. So, for all the vegetarians out there, could you help me figure out how to balance my diet? Do you have any good recipes? Also, any good ideas for breakfasts? Thanks!!