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Vegans of GT/BKT, You're My Only Hope!

Hey there vegans of GT and BKT, I need your sage advice! I want to make some of my delicious chewy chocolate chip cookies for my work frandz but a couple of them are vegan. My recipe calls for butter and eggs. I figure I can sub vegetable oil for the butter, but what about the eggs?

I plan on making my regular recipe, too, because I know it's tried and true, but I want to make a small batch of just vegan cookies for them, as well. Is there a simple sub I can use for the eggs? Should I just make them out of oatmeal, rather than flour? Is there a good eggless, oatmeal-based recipe that involves the kind of staple ingredients people usually have in their cupboards? (You know, like what I've already got: vegetable oil, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, plain oats, and the like).


I can't go getting all fancy like using agave nectar or anything like that. I'm just looking for a way to turn ingredients commonly found in a non-vegan home into a vegan-friendly cookie. So what say you, my intrepid friends? How do I cookie?

(PS. I'm about to head out to do some shopping, so if you comment and I don't respond back for a while, that'll be why. Love y'all!)

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