Vegetables. I love you, but I never want you. When I cook me some veggies, and eat them, I think, dammmmnnnnn that's good. HML, you are great at cooking veggies. But if I have not already gotten that far, and you're like, "HML, what would you like to eat?" the answer is always, "a cheeseburger pizza burrito with extra cheese."

Case in point: green soup. I have been making this amazing green soup that I'm not actually sick of. It's really really dense with broccoli, raw spinach, and kale - all puree'd with chicken broth and lemon juice. I am on a plan with a dietitian, and I have found this is the best way for me to get in my quota of veggies. I pretty much eat it willie-nillie as a side item to every meal.

While I'm eating it, I'm like, "THIS IS EXCELLENT SOUP." I can almost hear my body saying, "Thank you for these nutrients. When you're 145 years old, you'll be glad you keep eating this green soup." Yet when staring into my fridge, knowing I need to eat my vegetables, I see this green soup, and EVERY TIME I don't want it. Then I feel like I'm being held hostage, because I don't keep any junk food around. WELL SHIT, IT'S EITHER EAT VEGGIES OR STARVE. Then I procrastinate.

Like a toddler, I have to try one bite before I'll believe it's good. Every day. Every damn time.

On a side note, I would like to put out a call for your favorite veggie-based recipes (not necessarily vegetarian, just veggie-centric).