Got any?

As many of you know, Homey's been down with a broken leg for 6 weeks now. He's to stay off it for at least another 2 (and, dear god, maybe another 4! NOOOOOO!!!!!!). This means, I get to do all the cooking and cleaning, cat care, snow removal, car tending, Homey care, and somehow still work a full time job in there... oh, and bathe. I get complaints if I don't bathe. ;)

To that end, I ask you for easy slow cooker recipes that I can start in the morning and serve when I get home. I'm vegetarian, Homey isn't but he's happy to eat vegetarian, and while I should say health is a major concern... meh. Mental health > physical health right now.

We're pretty adventurous eaters, so what say you, GT? Any good recipes ideas?