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Vegetarians — weird meat cravings?

I’ve been doing the vegetarian thing for about a year now, and I think the biggest surprise has been how little I’ve missed meat. Occasionally it’ll cross my mind that a steak or some fried chicken or bacon would taste good, but it’s never been very strong — nothing at all like the cravings I get when I’m dieting, for instance.

But then this week, out of nowhere, I just badly wanted meat. I couldn’t stop thinking about cheeseburgers and BLTs. I was at a friend’s house, and she had her TV on mute in the background, and I started salivating every time I saw a fast food commercial. I wanted a McChicken sandwich like I used to want cigarettes, when I smoked a billion years ago.


It went away after a few days, and things are back to normal, but it was just so odd and unexpected, and I’m curious — is this something that happens to a lot of vegetarians, or am I just weird?

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