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(long rant containing unnecessary detail deleted)

TL;DR: sharing custody with someone who is so fucking lazy that she won't take her son to the immediate care for an infected ingrown toenail, and who then makes ME the bad guy for pointing out that this needed medical attention WEEKS AGO. I cannot legally take him to the doctor because I don't have medical power of attorney, therefore the only thing I can do is remind her and remind her that she shouldn't let the kid talk her out of it because she is the PARENT and just because the kid is scared of doctors is no fucking excuse. Hey, we're all busy, but FUCK.


So now she wants me to bring the kid to her to PROVE that the toe is infected because she doesn't believe me. Because a red, swollen, bleeding and pus-filled toe is totally normal and it's healing!

But GOD forbid we are ever late with our child support (which we don't legally have to provide)! Never mind that we keep them half the time, buy them clothes and school supplies, feed and house them and all that, right?

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