and I’m a little rattled. Not rattled because I didn’t know they existed, but rattled because she didn’t dog whistle at all and right off the bat suggested that a “white progressive party” is the way forward for the left. I was a little caught off guard and unprepared to have this conversation, so my immediate response (after I blew coffee out my nose) was “wait and then what for everyone else?” and she was like “I don’t care, they’re fine.”

The conversation went exactly where you’d imagine - everything from “there’s no such thing as white privilege because I grew up poor” to “identity politics are why we lost the election!” As if her specifically pro-white liberalism has nothing to do with identity politics. I tried to make her see that lifting the lowest among us up makes everyone’s life better, but she didn’t believe anyone was at a disadvantage. I tried to draw comparisons to the things she was saying to what Trumpism/Republicanism is about right now, and she agreed. She simultaneously criticized me for being focused on centrism (I’m not) to win elections, and defended her white agenda as a way to win elections.

I should’ve stopped bothering with her when a while back she kept trying to get me to listen to Chapo Trap House and when I finally did they spent (what felt like) 30 minutes making fun of Chelsea Clinton - this past May. As if that is relevant. (For the record, if anyone wants to defend that podcast I am all ears, but what I’ve heard so far has annoyed me).

This person is my friendquaintance (in between a friend and acquaintance, I’d say) who is also my accountant-by-barter. I....need to replace her. I am supposed to have a meeting with her later this week and I don’t feel like I can sit in the same room with her.

I don’t intend to get into a Bernie vs. Hillary thing - I don’t believe Bernie supporters are white supremacists, and I don’t believe Hillary supporters are some sort of pro-Wall Street secret conservatives. But just a reminder that white supremacy transcends party affiliation.


Just had to vent and remind everyone out there that the call is coming from inside the house. Or one of the calls.