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tw: cancer because that shit is my job

Today ended on a real fucking shitty note for me, so I need to complain about it. As I mention occasionally on here, I work in cancer research. Most of the time I can handle the not-fun-sad-news parts of it; I’ve only cried a handful of times in 2 years here. But this patient, man... I feel for her. This sucks.


Without getting into too much detail because HIPAA, this lady jumped through hoops, flew back early from her vacation, and has generally been doing everything we say for a month, in order to get on this study of a new targeted therapy drug (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Targeted_therapy) because the regular chemo didn’t work. The study is randomized, though, which means some patients get the study drug and some get the (next line of) standard chemo treatment. [This is a necessary evil because of how the FDA works/how new drugs get approved, but understanding the rationale behind it doesn’t make it any less shitty.] And of course... she got assigned to the standard chemo. And I had to tell her that.

Fuck cancer, man.

Anyway, your turn: what shitty things do you need to complain about?

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