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A friend of mine (FINALLY) broke up with his girlfriend, who was emotionally terrible and also got physical with him at one point, which is what initiated the breakup.

He is driving me insane. Texting me all day, calling me, what have you. And some of his complaints are legitimate! But today’s is not and I am ANNOYED.

They were going to buy an apartment together prior to the breakup (thank the goddess they didn’t) and he texted me complaining that the lawyer told the landlord they weren’t going to (WHICH HE IS LEGALLY OBLIGATED TO DO) and now the landlord wants to show the apartment. And I’m like...yes? You knew this was coming? She’s not doing anything wrong! She’s doing what she has to do. Your lease is up in a month and a half! The landlord is doing what he has to do.


Idk, I just feel like he should be adulting better and also NOT USING ME AS HIS THERAPIST because he already has one. I don’t have a problem helping out friends (I let him crash on my couch the night he was trying to decide if he wanted to break up with her) but I can’t be their counselor 24/7. I just want to shake him and tell him to grow up.

I am well aware that this is not completely rational and I could be cuckoo bananas.

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