Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’ll start, and then post your own!

I am over it with cops being shot and everyone freaking the hell out before any information is known. Like, objectively I am sad that anyone gets shot. But people are all riled up about that cop in Kansas City that got shot today without there being any contextual info released. OMG they are walking around with targets on their back. Why don’t people respect the police. Etc etc etc.


Welp, I snapped earlier on the phone with my mom. IT’S A FUCKING OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD that a cop may be shot. If it turns out that a black man shot the cop, it doesn’t mean there is some grand BLM/Black Panthers/Reverse Racism war on cops. It means there was a dude with a gun who shot the cop, until any information is presented otherwise. Shit, last week the news was all abuzz about a cop shot in St. Louis City (right after Dallas, so OF COURSE everyone was all “cops are being targeted!!!”). Turns out the guy was grazed in the shin and refused medical care at the scene. He and his partner interrupted a domestic violence situation where a woman’s ex shot and killed her current boyfriend and her, and her son was in the hospital in critical condition. But the story, of course, is that a cop was shot.

SRSLY I am over it with trying to make it a big fucking deal that things happen at their job that they know can happen at their job. Don’t want to risk being shot? Quit and find a different job.

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