These are just little things that irritate me:

—The whole concept of promposals

—Over-the-top proposals, such as the kind that require hiring a professional photography to surreptitiously follow you around all day, or require a friend traveling just to spend a day setting up your proposal because it’s too elaborate for you to do yourself

—Overly stage, cutesy “we’re expecting” pictures that are trying to hard to do something creative and different than everyone else

—Monthly pictures of babies/children with chalkboards detailing age and other details

I think the common thread here is that it’s all performances of love/celebration/milestones that center appearances on social media above what you’re actually sharing. I’d so much rather see a picture of a happy couple, an engagement ring, an ultrasound, babies sleeping or kidlets just having fun, instead of overly staged productions. Candid pictures are so much better at demonstrating real love, joy, emotions than anything staged.


These thoughts brought to you by seeing a picture of a promposal that made me roll eyes. What stupid little things do you find irritating?