I’m in a much more relaxed state today. I ended up leaving the house to see a friend who hasn’t officially met the new me yet. It was a great time :)

I intend on meeting mom’s hyper-religious therapist (her emails scare me) and presenting these problems to her. Maybe the third party can help her understand how it hurts me.

Thank you for all the kind words! I didn’t reply or star all we them, but I did read all of them. :)

And hopefully said therapist has also read her Bible to know that trans is not a sin. Because I’m not giving this up.

For those who missed it, she said: “God put us here to reproduce, which gays cannot do. God says that you should not lay down with the same sex, or wear clothes of the other gender.


Gay people are only gay and trans people are who they are because of Satan. Satan got into their heads and made them sick. We’re at war with Satan.”

Now, while I am a non-religious person, I’m open to religion. However, I’m not open to those who preach hate. That’s not cool.