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Venting re: Clothes Sizing

I am a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding happening precisely one month from today. Months ago the bride chose a discontinued dress for us all to wear - at the time she bought them it was really difficult to find everyone their right sizes, and we ended up not able to do it. Someone else also wanted the size I did, and we were only able to find one of them. At the time I was planning to lose weight anyway, so I volunteered to go down a dress size so she wouldn’t have to switch dresses under the impression I could fit into it by the time the wedding happened. As you can imagine, the dress does not fit!

I thought I was saved when it turned out the other woman who wanted my actual size ended up needed to go up a size. There was a size bigger available somewhere at the time and she snapped it up. I picked up the now spare dress in my preferred size from the bride over the weekend and happily pranced home expecting it to zip, perhaps snugly but certainly all the way up. Upon arriving home, I discovered why my fellow bridesmaid needed the next size up - this dress is the same fucking size as the one I’ve already got despite being labeled as one size up.


I put it on and it zipped exactly as far as the smaller dress. Exactly. Like got out a ruler and measured the amount of zipper than won’t go and the width of the gap at the top in both dresses, measured the dresses themselves, held them up next to each other, pressed them on top of each other, exactly the same size. WHAT THE HECK. Clearly something has gone on re: mislabeling, or the side effects of mass production of clothing.

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UPDATE/EDIT: I have discovered, as mentioned in the comments, that I can put the small size dress on backward minus the straps, hook to top of the zipper while I can see/reach it, twist the thing back around and wiggle my arms through the armholes, and nearly zip the stupid thing.

I have also discovered that the full length version is available in my size online a couple places, and my mom could hem it. One bridal website lists it at the full retail price of $290 (*heart attack*), and I can wait 2-3 to be emailed a 10% off code. A second re-sale site lists it for $120 (much better!), but while the dress is listed as my size the pictures of the dress show a hang tag reading a different one. Now, I can potentially return my original dress (it has to be in the “original packaging” but I’m pretty sure it didn’t come in any packaging, just on hanger in a box??, it has the tags still) or re-sell it and offset some of that cost. Thoughts?

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